EuroBox Self-Storage

Read more about how EuroBox Self-Storage works, and how you can make a reservation here.

EuroBox Self-Storage offers customers extra space to store the possessions which fill their homes and offices. EuroBox Self-Storage offers a safe, clean, and convenient self storage outside of your home.

By storing in your own personal self storage unit, you can be confident in the privacy and security of your belongings. We offer many different unit sizes and the contracts are based on a monthly rent, giving you the flexibility to decide how long you need the self storage unit.

If you want to rent your own self-storage unit,  you can order with our online booking, or call us at (+47) 400 80 700.

Self storage tips: 

  • Pack in such a way that you leave yourself access to items you might need.
  • Store items you may need to access at front of unit.
  • Use similar size boxes so they pack easy and make better use of space.
  • Try to fill boxes to maintain sturdiness and stack lighter boxes on top.
  • Pack heavy things in small boxes and lighter things in larger boxes
  • Old bed sheets, towels and comforters make excellent padding to protect furniture.
  • To save space and possibly money, disassemble any large furniture such as beds, tables.

Our sister company in England 

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